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14 Publishing Companies in Idaho

Alpha Book Publisher is a literary sanctuary, committed to showcasing diverse voices across genres. With a dedication to quality storytelling, they provide a platform for both emerging and established authors, contributing to the rich tapestry of literature. Alpha Book Publisher stands as a trusted source for captivating narratives that resonate with readers.

Lost Horse Press is a literary explorer, specializing in poetry and works that push the boundaries of creative expression. With a commitment to fostering artistic innovation, they contribute to the evolution of modern poetry. Lost Horse Press stands as a sanctuary for poets and readers who appreciate the beauty and complexity of language.

BoTree House is a literary arboretum, specializing in a diverse range of genres and voices. With a commitment to cultivating literary diversity, they contribute to the vibrancy of the publishing landscape. BoTree House stands as a home for authors and readers alike, fostering a community built on the love of storytelling.

Online Cashback Shopper, known for its consumer offerings, ventures into publishing, reflecting a diverse approach. Exploring various genres, they provide authors with an unconventional platform. Online Cashback Shopper stands at the unique intersection of shopping and literature, offering authors a distinct avenue for reaching readers.

Elite Publishing Company lives up to its name, specializing in works that exemplify literary excellence. Committed to promoting exceptional voices, they offer a platform for authors who strive for the highest standards in storytelling. With a focus on quality, Elite Publishing Company stands out in the competitive publishing arena, contributing to the literary landscape with carefully curated works.

Keokee Books is a literary guide to the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, specializing in works that capture the essence of the region. With a commitment to promoting local voices and stories, they contribute to the preservation of the Pacific Northwest's cultural and natural heritage. Keokee Books stands as a curator of narratives rooted in the unique character of the region.

Denison’s Publishing Inc is a literary craftsman, specializing in providing quality publishing services to authors. With a commitment to professionalism and excellence, they contribute to the success of authors navigating the publishing process. Denison’s Publishing Inc stands as a reliable partner for authors seeking support and expertise.

Backeddy Books is a literary tidepool, specializing in works that explore the depths of creativity and storytelling. With a commitment to fostering literary exploration and innovation, they contribute to the evolving landscape of modern literature. Backeddy Books stands as a haven for readers and authors alike, where the currents of imagination flow freely.

Dreamwishes Publisher is a literary dreamweaver, specializing in works that transport readers to fantastical realms. With a commitment to imaginative storytelling, they contribute to literature that sparks the magic of the imagination. Dreamwishes Publisher stands as a gateway to dreams and adventures, offering readers an escape into enchanting worlds.

Progressive Publishing is a literary advocate for progress, specializing in works that explore social, cultural, and political issues. With a commitment to thought-provoking storytelling, they contribute to the dialogue on positive change. Progressive Publishing stands as a platform for authors who aim to inspire reflection and action through their narratives.

Di Angelo Distributions is a literary connector, specializing in the distribution of diverse publications. With a commitment to reaching a wide audience, they contribute to the accessibility of literature. Di Angelo Distributions stands as a vital link in the literary supply chain, ensuring that diverse voices and stories find their way to readers around the world.

Rediscovered Books is a literary archaeologist, specializing in curating a diverse selection of books that cater to varied tastes. With a commitment to promoting a love of reading, they contribute to the vibrancy of the local literary community. Rediscovered Books stands as a beloved independent bookstore, offering a treasure trove of literary gems.

Rediscovered Bookshop is a literary haven, specializing in a curated selection of books that reflect diverse genres and voices. With a commitment to fostering a love of reading, they contribute to the cultural vibrancy of the local community. Rediscovered Bookshop stands as a cherished destination for book enthusiasts seeking new literary adventures.

Once and Future Books is a literary time traveler, specializing in rare and vintage books that bridge the past and present. With a commitment to preserving literary treasures, they contribute to the appreciation of classic literature. Once and Future Books stands as a destination for collectors and enthusiasts seeking timeless stories.

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