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11 Publishing Companies in Vermont

Alpha Book Publisher stands as a beacon in the literary realm, dedicated to nurturing and amplifying diverse voices. With a commitment to excellence, they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of publishing, offering a platform for authors to share their unique narratives. Alpha Book Publisher's unwavering dedication to literary innovation and inclusivity positions them as a driving force in shaping the future of the written word.

Inner Traditions International Ltd stands at the forefront of esoteric and spiritual literature, publishing works that delve into the realms of consciousness, mysticism, and ancient wisdom. With a commitment to authenticity and depth, Inner Traditions brings forth books that resonate with seekers on spiritual journeys. Their catalog reflects a dedication to preserving and disseminating profound knowledge that transcends time, contributing to the expansion of human consciousness.


Pine Marten Press carves a niche in the literary landscape, focusing on quality over quantity. As a boutique publisher, they curate a select collection of titles, ensuring each work receives meticulous attention. Pine Marten Press becomes a curator of literary gems, offering readers a discerning selection that spans genres and themes. Their dedication to craftsmanship and literary excellence sets them apart in an industry often driven by mass production.


Magic Hill Press LLC adds a touch of enchantment to the world of publishing, specializing in children's literature that sparks imagination and curiosity. With a focus on storytelling that captivates young minds, Magic Hill Press becomes a gateway to magical worlds and memorable adventures. Their commitment to fostering a love for reading in the hearts of children positions them as a cherished contributor to the literary upbringing of the next generation.


Trafalgar Square Books gallops into the literary arena with a focus on equestrian and craft-related publications. As a niche publisher, they carve a space for enthusiasts who seek expertise in horsemanship, crafting, and lifestyle pursuits. Trafalgar Square Books becomes a trusted companion for readers passionate about their hobbies, providing in-depth knowledge and inspiration. In their commitment to excellence, they cater to niche audiences with a discerning taste for quality publications.

Destiny Books embraces the mystical and metaphysical, offering readers a portal into the realms of spirituality, divination, and holistic wellness. As an imprint of Inner Traditions International Ltd, Destiny Books enriches the catalog with titles that explore the intersection of mind, body, and spirit. With a commitment to empowering readers on their spiritual journeys, Destiny Books becomes a guide to ancient wisdom and modern insights, contributing to the holistic well-being of individuals and communities.

Freedom Publications emerges as a champion of free expression and independent thought, publishing works that challenge, inspire, and contribute to the diversity of ideas. As a platform for voices that may be considered unconventional, Freedom Publications becomes an advocate for intellectual freedom. In a world where the exchange of ideas is paramount, they stand as a beacon for authors and readers seeking unbridled discourse and the celebration of diverse perspectives.


Green Writers Press embodies the marriage of literature and environmental consciousness, producing books that advocate for ecological stewardship and sustainability. With a commitment to the intersection of art and activism, Green Writers Press becomes a force for change, using the written word to inspire environmental responsibility. Their publications contribute to a growing movement that recognizes the role of literature in shaping a more sustainable and harmonious world.


Plowboy Press cultivates a literary landscape rooted in the heartland, capturing the essence of rural life and agricultural traditions. As a publisher with a focus on agrarian themes, they become storytellers of the land, preserving narratives that celebrate the beauty and challenges of farming life. Plowboy Press stands as a testament to the enduring connection between literature and the agricultural heritage that shapes communities and sustains livelihoods.

Wood Thrush Books takes flight in the world of publishing, embodying a commitment to environmental consciousness and the celebration of nature. With a focus on eco-literature and works that advocate for sustainability, they become advocates for the natural world. Wood Thrush Books stands as a literary sanctuary where authors converge to amplify the voice of environmental stewardship. Through their publications, they inspire readers to forge a deeper connection with the environment and cultivate a sense of responsibility for the planet.

Wind Knot Publishing casts its literary line into the world of angling and outdoor pursuits, creating a space where fishing tales and outdoor adventures take center stage. Specializing in narratives that celebrate the art of fly-fishing and the serenity of the great outdoors, they become storytellers for those who find solace by the water. Wind Knot Publishing stands as a literary angler's companion, offering tales that capture the essence of the angling experience. Through their publications, they contribute to the cultural heritage of fishing literature, inviting readers to reel in stories that evoke the tranquility of a day by the river.

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